Buy Legal Weed Online

Buy Legal Weed Online

Buy Legal Weed Online , Since 2018, the consumption and selling of marijuana are legal in Canada. If you want to buy legal weed online options are available for you. There are a lot of online dispensaries that you can easily find on the internet. They offer a variety of weed products and accessories.  However, online […]

Oregon Regulators Extend Cannabis Delivery

Buy Weed Online

The Oregon Liquor Control Commission will extend delivery while the COVID-19 pandemic continues, and also took steps to ban certain additives from cannabis vape products. Portland, Ore, June 18, 2020 -PRESS RELEASE- At its regular monthly meeting on June 18, 2020, the Oregon Liquor Control Commission moved to extend the ability of licensed cannabis retailers to continue curbside delivery, […]


CANNABIS CULTURE – A new petition I helped to get started, with Jovian Francey of that Green MP Paul Manly agreed to sponsor has taken off and is now online. Trevor Millar of picked up the torch and brought some really notable people onboard, such as Wade Davis, Dennis McKenna and Mark Haden. Lawyers such as John Conroy, Robert W.E. Laurie and Kirk Tousaw all took time to look at and […]

Cannabis Misinformation and COVID-19

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While cow urine, bleach, and cocaine have all been recommended as bogus COVID-19 cures, the internet would be remiss to neglect its notoriously favorite panacea for all ailments: cannabis. Indeed, you do not need to venture far into the corners of mainstream media to find reports of proponents touting cannabis as a cure for COVID-19. And even prior to COVID-19 reaching pandemic […]

Importance of Medical Marijuana

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The presence of criminal penalties for Possession and Use of Marijuana was a rigid requirement of US drug laws and was successfully made a world standard via the US-sponsored International Treaties promulgated by the UN. The importance of medical Marijuana is accordingly listed as a Schedule 1 drug, not to be used under any circumstances, […]

How to decide Top 10 points of marijuana


The legalization of marijuana has been on the ascent as of late in various countries over the world, because of specialists as they have made it feasible for individuals to know the constructive employments of cannabis. That clarifies why there has likewise been an expansion in marijuana seeds in the market, prompting more cannabis supply. […]

New to Medical Marijuana? Here Are the Terms You Need To Know

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Navigating the world of medical (and recreational) marijuana can be a daunting task for someone who is new to this world. As states are rapidly authorizing marijuana, it can be hard to keep up with what you need to know and you don’t want to walk into a dispensary without a bit of knowledge beforehand. […]

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