Importance of Medical Marijuana

medical MRJN

The presence of criminal penalties for Possession and Use of Marijuana was a rigid requirement of US drug laws and was successfully made a world standard via the US-sponsored International Treaties promulgated by the UN. The importance of medical Marijuana is accordingly listed as a Schedule 1 drug, not to be used under any circumstances, […]

How to decide Top 10 points of marijuana


The legalization of marijuana has been on the ascent as of late in various countries over the world, because of specialists as they have made it feasible for individuals to know the constructive employments of cannabis. That clarifies why there has likewise been an expansion in marijuana seeds in the market, prompting more cannabis supply. […]

New to Medical Marijuana? Here Are the Terms You Need To Know

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Navigating the world of medical (and recreational) marijuana can be a daunting task for someone who is new to this world. As states are rapidly authorizing marijuana, it can be hard to keep up with what you need to know and you don’t want to walk into a dispensary without a bit of knowledge beforehand. […]

Oregon Guy Staged His Home Invasion Because He Ate $780 of His Daughters Girls Scout Cookies BONUS Ranking All Girls Scout Cookies

Girls Scout Cookies

A man in Oregon is accused of staging an elaborate his home invasion in an effort to cover up his theft of more than $700 from his daughter’s Girl Scouts cookie sales. This is a very poor guy. We all know what happened here because everyone has been in this situation to some extent. Old […]

Anonymity and convenience are key drivers of potential increases in buy cannabis online


The explosion of the cannabis market has resulted in a significant increase in Cannabis products. Because CBD and THC can enter the human body in different ways – ingesting, vaping, smoking – there is an increasing number of cannabis products available. Further, with the government advocating the online sales of the drug, the online market […]



COOKING WITH CANNABIS In Colorado, cooking with cannabis has moved beyond dried-out brownies that taste like sub-par weed. Today, cannabis cuisine is a legitimate culinary specialty, and if you enjoy time in the kitchen, you should give it a try! There’s a variety of cannabis cookbooks to help get you started. We love Bong Apetit […]

HOW to Buy CBD Online Los Angeles, California


Question: Have you ever experienced the magical powers of CBD or you’d love to give it a shot? Do you suffer from certain health conditions and you’re not sure if CBD products can help keep you healthy? Perhaps, you’re a resident of Los Angeles, California or you’re on a short visit to the Garden State […]

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