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White Widow Height

One of the most legendary marijuana strains is the Feminized White Widow Height Seeds, covered in crystals the buds looks frosty and sugarcoated.
Though it is a relatively new strain, the Feminized White Widow Height Feminized gained popularity amazingly fast. Because of the high THC levels, easiness to grow and the promising yield of the White Widow, breeders adopted the Feminized White Widow Height Feminized seeds with enthusiasm.
Smoking the Feminized White Widow Height gives a powerful and energetic, yet social buzz.
Well suited for growing in colder climates like Europe. Quite easy to grow and this Feminized White Widow Height feminized plant does not have to grow tall for a good yield.
A high percentage of growers found this plant met all their needs as far as yield and potency go.
Specs for Feminized White Widow Height Seeds

Thc 26%
CBD 0.75%
Indica 65%
Sativa 35%
Yield Indoor 550 Grams (19 ounces) m2
Yield Outdoor 900 Grams (32 ounces) m2
Height Indoor 60 cm
Height Outdoor 210 cm
Flower time 7 to 8 weeks
Harvest month October
Difficulty moderate

Feminized White Widow Height| Feminized White Widow Heightfor sale | Feminized White Widow
Feminized White Widow Height| Feminized White Widow Height for sale | White Widow
The actual original form of this breeding masterpiece was created in the mid-Nineties from Afghani and Brazilian parents and went on to set the standard for the many kinds of “White” strains that were to follow.
Before long, Feminized White Widow Heightwas featured on virtually every coffee shop menu in Holland. It quickly became one of the most highly important commercial cannabis strains around, and a firm favorite among smokers, as well as growers looking for the best seeds to buy for big harvests from minimum effort.
Feminized White Widow Height| Feminized White Widow Height for sale | Feminized White Widow
Our feminized Feminized White Widow Height seed strain will grow medium-tall, and produces strong branches. Flower clusters are large, heavy and very solid. Throughout flowering, buds become more and more thickly coated with the masses of clear resin glands that inspired this seed strain’s name.
Feminized White Widow Height Feminized has an Indica-dominant growth-pattern with a significant Sativa element in her effect; her buzz is powerful yet energetic and very social.
Average height gain Feminized White Widow Height Feminized will have average height gain during flowering.
Flowering 55 – 70 days Feminized White Widow Height Feminized will need an average flowering time to reach their full potential.
White Widow Feminized Yield XXL Yield Feminized White Widow Height Feminized height can produce an outrageous amount of weed, but may require a little extra attention.
35% Sativa / 65% Indica the Feminized White Widow Height Feminized is a great Sativa / Indica Hybrid.
Feminized White Widow Height the Strain
Feminized White Widow Heightis a so-called “white” type of weed with a high THC content. The first Feminized White Widow Height was created by crossing a Brazilian Sativa with an Indian indica. This Indica Hybrid was already legendary at the time, according to the stories this Hybrid Indica was created by years of breeding and selection in the mountains of Kerala. Characteristics of both species from this cross are clearly recognizable. The tops of this Marijuana plant are firm and compact and covered with crystals.
When you talk about the White Widow, you are definitely talking about the most famous species ever. Because the first Feminized White Widow Height plants came from Holland in the early 90s, we can call this strain a real Dutch classic. In the Netherlands it quickly became a bestseller in all coffee-shops, not much later this strain became known throughout the world, making it available almost everywhere nowadays.
Characteristics of White Widow:

  • Prizes won: 12 Cannabis Cups
  • Taste: An aromatic bud with a slightly fruity taste
  • Origin: Brazilian Sativa x Indian Indica
  • Effect: A very intense stoned feeling due to the high THC content
  • Type: dominant Sativa
  • Flowering time indoors: it blooms around 8 weeks
  • Harvest time outside: end of September, beginning of October
  • Outdoor height: In the open ground can grow over 2 meters
  • THC: around 20% (high)
    Grow Feminized White Widow Height yourself
    Cannabis plants from the Feminized White Widow Height are very easy to grow from seed. The seeds are suitable for indoor and outdoor cultivation, resistant to mold and rot, have a short flowering time and a high yield! Many of the seeds are feminized and great for the home grower. The plant will not grow much taller than a meter when grown indoors. On the other hand, this species can easily reach two meters outside.
    After about 9 weeks, most of the feminized Feminized White Widow Height Cannabis seeds have turned into a beautiful harvest-ready plant. Because it requires little maintenance, it is an ideal plant for the starting grower. You will be amazed what it will bring you. When growing indoors under a 600W lamp, growers obtain an average of around 60 grams of weed per plant. That is certainly not a bad harvest. Outside in the open ground it can yield more than 550-600 grams per plant, the plant is suitable for the Northern European climate but will give better results in a warmer climate. Experienced growers often choose the Feminized White Widow Height because this Cannabis plant is very suitable for the Sea of Green growing method.
    In principle, all types of seeds can be grown outdoors. However, there are also species that are characterized by an increased resistance to wet conditions. Some outdoor strains flower fast, to limit the risk of fungi and rot.

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