How To Find Pure Power Plant Feminized?

Power Plant Feminized

The Pure Power Plant looks greenish and its buds are comparably big to other kind of cannabis strains. The main properties of this strain are its very strong power and easy growth into a great beautiful plant.
At City Seeds Bank we offer the best seeds, grown by different suppliers from around the world. The Pure Power Plant prefers an average warm climate. She does not grow to be very tall which makes her suitable to grow in limited spaces. It should not be hard to grow this cannabis plant is one of the easiest strains to grow. She is highly recommended for beginning growers.
The Pure Power Plant looks greenish and its buds are comparably big to other kinds of cannabis strains. The main properties of this strain are its very strong power and easy growth into a great lovely plant. The flavor of the Pure Power Plant is mainly sweet but with a sour twist, with a pine-like aftertaste. Smokers like to use the Pure Power Plant for the energy it provides with a great high, which is incomparable with other Sativa.

The Pure Power Plant Feminized is Sativa-dominant with 90 percent and 10 percent Indica. The indoor harvest should be around 475-525 grams per square meter, and its height will be about 90-160 cm. The outdoor harvest should be about 500-600 grams per plant, and its height will be around 180-220 cm. The growing period should take about 8-9 weeks, just like the flowering period 10-12 weeks. And Harvest in October month.

Seed Storage
We recommend storing your seeds in an airtight plastic bag or container in the fridge. The seeds will stay fresh for couples of year when stored this way.
How to germinate fresh cannabis seeds every time learn how to germinate your cannabis seeds successfully all time in our easy to follow this guide. Read more, for Power Plant Feminized seeds to contact +1 612 440 3499.

What if my seeds do not germinate?
If your seeds do not germinate for some reason please contact for a free replacement anyhow.

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The Power Plant is a hugely productive strain that has been inbred only, never hybridized. It has produced huge, record-breaking harvests and is a favorite with commercial growers and hobbyists alike. It is high in THCs, will flower quickly and has a very rewarding, euphoric high. As soon as they were released in 1997, MEDICAL MRJN Passion Seeds Power Plant feminized cannabis seeds became an instant success: a heavy-harvesting and highly stable classic. Power Plant is a mostly-sativa variety from South Africa and the original version is only available from MEDICAL MRJN Passion. It is a heavy harvester for indoor, greenhouse and outdoor gardens (does well in Mediterranean climates) with bumper harvest of 500 – 600 g/m2 and are popular with recreational and medical users. Power Plant has been a key part of the MEDICAL MRJN Passion collection and is regarded as a legend alongside the popular and famous White Widow. It was only ever inbred, never hybridized, and remains a pure and stable strain with a great and well-deserved reputation. When it was first released, every time coffee shop wanted Power Plant on their menu and it is still found in all the best MEDICAL MRJN coffee shops today.

Power Plant Feminized Seeds is rich in THC and delivers a strong, uplifting high with a fresh flavor, smooth smoke and sweet after-taste. The plants reach 1 – 1.5m tall and the buds are often over 30cm long. Outside or outdoors, the flowering starts late but the plants ripen quickly and are usually ready around the 2nd week of October. Indoors, the flowering starts one week after reducing the light cycle to 12 hours and a total of 8 weeks is typical.
Because this is a purebred, unhybridised strain it is very uniform, consistent and predictable. Power Plant is one of those uncomplicated original classic strains that everyone should try. Stable, highly potent and with great harvests.

• BOUQUET- Fruit musk and orange peel. Best Power Plant Feminized Seeds available.
• EFFECTS- Creates glittering domes of creativity that poke through the dark mists of the mind.


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