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The story goes that Wiz Khalifa had a club out in San Jose California create a strain of OG for him. Buy Khalifa Kush Weed Online

Supposedly the strain is not available to the public and the specific genetics are kept under hush however there has been a few folks releasing what they called KK over the years.

I have tried a few different attempts at Khalifa Kush. They all had a similar flavor profile and spot on with The Fire Societies recent release “The Original Khalifa Kush”

I was very excited to see its release on instagram and went out looking for it. I am a bit of a OG Kush head. I ❤️⛽️

I am fairly confident the indica dominant stain is a cross of two OGs, very similar to a Face Off OG, TKO OG or SFV OG.

Both in the nose and the flavor the gassy, piney and citrus notes stand out while the earthiness take a backseat.

It’s great for daytime use as the high tends to be more on the creative, euphoric and uplifting side of things.

Was it worth the money and would I buy it again? Everything I have purchased from Fire Society has been a top notch consistent quality. Being that I love OG this is one of the best OGs on the market and I would buy this again.

THC: 26.99%
CBD: 0.06%

I really enjoyed Fire Societies Grape Jelly. A very unique sativa dominant.
While on the topic of Wiz, while out at Reef in Las Vegas a few years back I was told that Berner, Wiz and the Jungle Boys were part owners. I purchased real deal jungle boys out there at the time, there was slight mark up. I also purchased Khalifa Kush Distillate cartridges back before they were common. This was closest I got to getting Khalifa Kush directly from Wiz. Taylor Gang or die….

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