Why Colorado Tokers Love Snowball

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Natives, try not to get flustered at this admission: It took me about three years of living here to realize that February was Colorado’s worst month. If it weren’t for all the stouts that breweries pour in February, the month would turn Denver into a cold pit of despair for those of us who aren’t avid snowboarders or skiers. Thankfully, March brings some warm stints and sunny reprieves, but I’ve learned not to get suckered into thinking spring is here in March, either. That doesn’t come for certain until fucking June.

Snowball is a cross of The White and Chem 4 OG (a hybrid of Chemdog and San Fernando Valley OG Kush) from Ethos Genetics, and it’s name is well deserved. The high doesn’t just eventually freeze your body; it starts small and grows from there, like a creeper or “snowball” high. On top of the chilling effects, Snowball grows trichomes like a viking grows a beard, with calyxes that look like they’re covered in an extra layer of resin.
Snowball is traditionally used for relaxation or at nighttime, pushing users closer and closer to the fridge or bed before they know it. Every time I smoke the strain, I don’t realize how high I am until almost an hour after my last puff, and by that time I’ve already eaten half my pantry and started the second Bill and Ted movie. The long, growing effects are great for a smoke at 8 p.m. if I plan on falling asleep at 10:30, but any time I smoke Snowball right before bed, I lay awake with an active mind for at least half an hour.

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We’ve caught Snowball at Ajoya, Alternative Medicine in Capitol Hill, Berkeley Dispensary, Buddy Boy, Callie’s Cannabis Shoppe, Canna City, Denver Clone Store, Ganja Gourmet, Green Tree Medicinals, Helping Hands Herbals, Herbs4You, Kaya Cannabis, Local Product of Colorado, Loud, Mighty Tree, Solace Meds, Spark, Starbuds, Terrapin Care Station, Trenchtown and Twin Peaks.

Looks: These bulbous buds are known for their density, so monitor the size and moisture of your plants in the grow. Like the White, Snowball has a heavy dusting of trichomes and is prone to sprout purple spots, making it an appealing strain to display.

Smell: Snowball smells a lot like a Greek side salad covered in yogurt-based dressing, with zesty, acidic whiffs of lemon zest, a layer of herbal notes and a thick, creamy (almost dairy-like) back end.

Flavor: I pick up more citrus and skunk notes from Snowball’s flavor than the smell suggests, with some grainy hints of sourdough and a strong herbal blast.

Effects: Snowball’s relaxing effects and ability to jump-start an appetite make it a good candidate for pain relief, but I prefer to take advantage of the mounting high on stressful days. A bowl or half-joint quickly calms me enough to forget commuter stress or roommate issues without zapping my energy, but that eventually turns into stupid bliss and couch-lock within the hour.

Home grower’s take: “I’ve seen cuts that only take about six weeks to flower and the yields are massive, but that’s usually from Canada and not good. The Snowball I tried out from seeds took closer to nine weeks, but the buds were still really big — big to the point of reminding me of Amnesia Haze or Critical Mass. You have to make sure those plants get enough air and the nugs dry out, because it’s easy to let mold in.”

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